My teammates and I had to start a chocolate company for this project. We were required to develop a brand story, a brand strategy, and a backstory for the cocoa bean as a group. My primary responsibility involved designing the packaging and mock-ups. I also helped my team by helping to come up with the copy for the six advertisements that we had to produce. My partner Rebecca was in charge of the illustrations, and Cynthia was in charge of the print and social media ads.
Brand Story
The term LUR, which originally meant a wooden shepherd's horn, comes from the Danish and Norwegian words "loōr." Our target market, young people from Generation X to Z who are vital to the preservation of our fragile environment, is reflected in our brand's engaging and charitable design. By contributing a portion of our sales to environmental causes, we are raising awareness of environmental issues with every bar that is purchased. This will not only benefit us, but it will also aid in the growth of additional trees. Planting trees, particularly fruit-bearing ones, can replenish the oxygen in the atmosphere and give shade to cacao plants. This company is not just about chocolate, it is an experience that we give to the customers through our diversity of flavors coming from around the world and also through the color scheme used to highlight each bean-to-bar.
Brand Strategy
LUR is a fine chocolate company that was built to promote environment awareness and diversity through taste by giving creative and showy products that make young souls crave to feel delightful so that they can have a moment of pleasure anytime.
The brand identity
The Design Process
We wanted the packaging to have a luxury design, and I also wanted something understated yet sophisticated. Therefore I came up with these three choices, and we ultimately chose the middle design.
Final Designs
The flavor represents the choice of color for each package. We have selected flavors from countries where the flavors are popular.
Mockup Designs
Social and print ADs
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